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Hi, my name is Wil Bos and I was born on 19th of August in Veldhoven. Veldhoven is a small city nearby Eindhoven the city what was my home town for many years. In 2017 i go back to the place where I was born. and in 2020 i moved out again to the place nearby called Best Both places are complete in the south of the Netherlands nearby the Belgium border.

Music and dancing have always played a huge part in my life and by the time I was thirteen, I was playing in a band, which I continued to enjoy doing, for the next 15 years. At the same time, a second interest of mine, Motocross, was also keeping me very busy.

I was introduced to linedancing by my ex-sister-in-law and quickly developed a great passion and even an addiction for it. Very soon after this, I became an instructor and an unexpected turn of events led to me taking over her line dancing association "Route 66 Country Linedancers".  I then changed the name of our club to something with a slightly more modern twist to "DoubleYouB Linedancers".  The name has proved to be something of a puzzle for many but it is simply a play on the initials of my name: WB.  In 2013, the name and the logo changed again to "The Wil Bos Linedancers".

Finally, I was able to maintain a balance between teaching country linedance and modern dancing to suit all tastes. Things were moving fast, so I decided to try my hand at choreography.  My first success, here in the Netherlands, was actually my very first dance "’Spirit in the Sky" by Gareth Gates and it led to a whirlwind of events. Meeting so many people and making so many friends was a wonderful bonus for me.  

I love teaching and choreographing. I also enjoy DJaying for my own linedance parties and I am pleased to be invited at many other linedance events, including those in other parts all around the world. Seeing all the people enjoying the music and dances that I play gives me an amazing feeling.
There are quite a few challenges out there in the linedancing world and without the help of certain people; I would not be where I am today.

In 2013 when I changed my dance club name in to The Wil Bos Linedancers, and I made the decision to go solo in my choreographies: I have the feeling that people like what I am doing. It boosts my creativity and my skills as choreographer and as a DJ at the same time.
Grtz Wil