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A/B Vlag Ned A/B Vlag Eng video C/D Vlag Ned C/D Vlag Eng Video
The Bite The Bite video Diva Diva video
Black & Blue Black & Blue video Cake By The Ocean Cake By The Ocean video
About Feelings About Feelings video Dirty Mind Dirty Mind video
Back In My Life Back In My Life video Digital Ages Digital Ages video
Bring on the Night Bring on the Night video Corazon Diamante Corazon Diamante video
Brand New Chick Brand New Chick video Come and Get It Come and Get It video
Burning Passion Burning Passion video Crazy Life Crazy Life video
      Darling Blue Ain't Your Color Darling Blue Ain't Your Color video
      Chantaje Chantaje video
E/F Vlag Ned E/F Vlag Eng video G/H Vlag Ned G/H Vlag Eng video
Fallin For You Fallin For You video Here We Go Here We Go video
      Gold Watch Gold Watch video
      Harden Up Princess Harden Up Princess video
      Girls Like Girls Like video
I/J Vlag Ned I/J Vlag Eng video K/LVlag Ned K/L Vlag Eng video
Is it Desire? Is it Desire? video Kiss The Sky Kiss The Sky video
I'm Not Like You I'm Not Like You video      
I'll Be Yours, You'll Be Mine 'll Be Yours, You'll Be Mine video      
Isn't Enough Isn't Enough video      
M/N Vlag Ned M/N Vlag Eng video O/P Vlag Ned O/P Vlag Eng video
More Dessert More Dessert video One Wing One Wing video
The Night We Met The Night We Met video Overloading Overloading video
Me Too Me Too video Pom Poms Pom Poms video
Make You Move Make You Move video      
Manjaro Manjaro video      
Q/R Vlag Ned Q/R Vlag Eng   S/T Vlag Ned S/T Vlag Eng video
The Queen The Queen video Staying In Love Staying In Love video
Rockabye Baby Rockabye Baby video Slamming Doors Slamming Doors video
      Show Me The Way Show Me The Way video
      Save The Day Save The Day video
      Todos Todos video
      She's Kind She's Kind video
      Solo Amor Solo Amor video
      So Just Dance Dance Dance ! So Just Dance Dance Dance ! video
      Sofia Sofia video
      Summer of Love Summer of Love video
      Softly Softly video
      Shut Up And Kiss You Shut Up And Kiss You video
      Taking Off Taking Off video
U/V Vlag Ned U/V Vlag Eng video W/X Vlag Ned W/X Vlag Eng video
      We Wanna Dance We Wanna Dance video
      Walk of Shame Walk of Shame video
      Woman Up Woman Up video
      What Should I Do (aka Que Tengo Que Hacer) What Should I Do (aka Que Tengo Que Hacer) video
Y/Z Vlag Ned Y/Z Vlag Eng video Numbers Vlag Ned Numbers Vlag Eng video
You Taste Like Sugar You Taste Like Sugar video