Januari/January 2008 Februari/February  2008 Maart/March2008

I love You Because ??
Amor De Hielo
Everybody Dance
Rollin' With The Flow
Ride The River
My Heart Skips A Beat
Hells Lindy

Singalong Cha
Love Is A Game
Uno Mas

Bleeding Love
Irish Spirit
Baby Come Back
Sassafras Gap
Isla Bonita

Irish Spirit


April/April2008 Mei/May 2008 June/juni 2008

Did You Ever
NoNoNoNoNo Not-So
Step up To The Party
Your World

Baby Come Back

Eagles Rock
Did You Ever

Oklahoma Wind

When I Cry
Mr Policeman

Mr Policeman
Modern World
Fire On Ice
Low Key

Ready To Go
Dont You Wish
My Veronic
Late In The Evening
Dance like You're The Only One
Love Trick
Feet The Fetish
The Smell Of Your Sweet Parfume
Storm.. Thunder.. Shunshine..
Hotel Belle
123 Summertim
Juli/July 2008 Augustus/August 2008 September/September 2008
Jazz It Up
Play Me A Dancer
123 Summertime
Keep It Up
Never Change
Keep It Up
Walk Wit Me
Just Can't Stop
Small Stuff
Im On Fire
Like A Hero
Teary Eyed
Don't Drop Your Cha
Galway Girls
Like A Dream
Oktober/October 2008 November/November 2008 December/December 2008
Loosen Up
Next Day
Stir Me Up
Boogie With Hank
Mystery Cha
Inside Out
Turn Me Lose(extra)
Hot Spot
I Believe
Tango Cha
El Mismo Tren

The Way To Your HeartBlue Moon Shuffle
Stuck In The Middle
The Perfect Christmas
Singing The Song
Old Dan Tucker

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